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Dec 9, 2012 8:00am PST
are going to rescue unwrap or ship gifts ...or use gift cars and technology my son was mighty guy but i've even had technology might troublmight travel my travel ... program your number into y our phone from the hotel,,, airlines, and free appss..pre pre planning will make the trip so much easier. >> absolutely and my facebook myis the travel mom...i give away trips to share travel with everyone safe travels we will be right back. >> a server at a stockton casino has been suspended for some controversial words on a guest receipt. gabriel roxas has the story. >> christina duran had a fun time but she could not believe her eyes. >> and why does this procedure is a fat girls? >> they thought that she was joking. >> what is that check say joking? >> your joking? >> and excess fat girls. and when the server returned he denied having anything to do with it and " to jeff " must of been the one who typed it but he was gonnhe was shocked. >> and the manager told the women he was sorry for what happened and offered to discount their bill by 25 per cent. but the ladies were unimpressed by the 'he
Dec 8, 2012 7:00am PST
with gabe slate tech report. from ford. >> this new technology that we are seeing is amazing. it typically, these high-tech features are only in really expensive luxury sedans. costs over $60,000 but that is all changing. ford is building and some really cool new high-tech features into their affordable cars. and trucks. >> this is the new technology being implemented and 24 vehicles. the keys are a thing of the past. this will work with eight key fob derange. also, the-key fog is in the range, which also with the handsfree killed eight, if it is also in range, the hands free to locat tailgate itl activate the liftgate to opened and it will up to the same to shot in the liftgate. this front panel also will control your gps, and other functions it is like a tablet with a touch screen that offers easier and safer and also will double as a rear camera. it is a great way to avoid accidents, red, yellow, green and guides tha wind blowing up. helping. and also, that will help you guide you in and the paralleel parking... with active sensors..will park by itself just slowly use the park brake and
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2